Component production

The production of parts is one of the basic tasks of our company, which can be done on the basis of a part, sample or a drawing provided by the customer, but we also try to put the customer’s ideas on paper and implement them. In the case of customer demand, a 3D model of it can also be made and provided for the customer. 

To create a 3D model, our 3D measuring machine is a practical solution, with which we can either perform a size check during production or check the dimensions after the product is finished. For modeling and design, we use the Creo Parametric software, in which we can even generate a CAM program for the machining centers.

We try to satisfy the needs of our customers with our own designs, which can be simpler devices to help with installation, as well as equipment and tools for smaller tasks. 

Upon request, we can easily mechanize several tasks in a simple design.

If required, we can also design and construct special purpose machines with smaller footprints.